Where is God today?

Hello all!

Wow! What a crazy few weeks it’s been! British politics has never been more hectic in my opinion. But don’t worry, I wrote a song about it!

I also had the incredible privilege of being invited back to my old primary school to teach 60 amazing Year 4’s and 5’s a dance based on the question, ‘Where is God?’

God is in the detailsI can’t tell you how incredible it was to work with these kids! As the school is Christian, there was complete freedom for everyone to express their own opinions on where they thought God was. What was surprising was that all the kids were fully engaged throughout the project. They came up with incredible answers, whilst also being challenged and encouraged on what they really believed.

By the end of the first day I really believe they got the message that ‘if God is IN us we can do impossible things’, as I had about 16 girls cartwheeling, back-flipping and doing the splits, while half the boys tried to make a human pyramid!

They certainly got full marks for enthusiasm!

Even though it was closer to chaos than organised, by the end of the three days they had come up with a wonderful dance that left everyone smiling! I was so proud of them, and I honestly can’t wait till the next one!

Thank you to all you wonderful kids and teachers, and to everyone involved for making my job a dream!

You can all go back to talking about Brexit now xx