The road to Jericho

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new world of blogging! As you may know, the release of my second album Jericho is very soon – 28th November. I can still hardly believe it; it’s been a crazy journey to get this far! Even though the album itself has been just under a year in the making, the whole process of creating the material (with the help of clever producers and divine intervention…) takes a whole lot longer. At least, for me it does.

No one said the road to Jericho was going to run smooth. But it’s been fun running on it all the same!

We’ve had ups. We’ve had downs. We’ve created masterpieces that have had to see the cutting room floor, and spent ages scrambling for that one missing line that could make or break a chorus. There have been days where I’ve turned up to a recording session with a bleeding throat or a cold and had to go straight home, as even technology has it’s limitations when it comes to the art of disguising the the sound of my croaking and sniffling behind the microphone! Other times I’ve rocked up to a session with only half the lyrics written after spending weeks digging for inspiration, only to have it drift into my head just as we’re about to go in ‘the box’ to record! Talk about a close call! Other times I’ll be washing up, or sitting at the piano, thinking about what I’m going to have for dinner (or something silly like that…) and I’ll suddenly have a whole song completely written within an hour, and give it to Mike to record the next day! I can honestly agree with that person who once said ‘you never know when inspiration will strike,’ as it’s completely true!

As the weeks have rolled by, and I’ve started to talk more about the music and the whole album making journey and how excited I am about it, many people have asked if Jericho is going to be a ‘Christian’ album like the last one. I honestly believe there is a song on the album for everyone, no matter what background we come from. There is a huge mix in sonic mediums, from contemporary classical pieces like Collide to the rock anthem sounds of Jericho. The lyrics are more personal to me than the previous album Beyond The FrameEven though I have drawn a lot of material for the songs from bible stories and old hymns, I believe we can all, in some way, draw parallels between our own lives and the songs of the characters depicted in the music.

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about the songs on the album: how they were inspired, and how I interpret them. Although upon hearing them yourself, you may find you see things a little differently. So watch this space…;)

Oh yes, and please do order the album!