The art of letting go

I don’t know about you, but I find it very hard to let things go. Being the eldest in a mega-large family, you learn early on that everything you have, you have to share! If you decide not to, your siblings feel they have every right to take it anyway, and more often than not lose, break, or forget-that-you-own said thing, and just keep it till it dies a worn-out and dusty death…and then give it back!

It will come as no surprise then to know that I became very precious over things that were given to me, or that I’d bought with my own money (hair bands and ice-cream included!). One of the greatest gifts I ever got was a lock on my door to keep tiny children out of my stuff! But of course that still doesn’t stop them. Even to this day there are times when I see every single one of my sisters wearing something of mine that I never remember giving them permission to 11025815_10152600554876712_3130612631737189465_nborrow! But hey, that’s family life, and I love them anyway!

I guess what I’m trying to get at here is that, where this used to bother me intensely, I have finally learned (from an awesome Disney queen!) a very valuable lesson…

Keep calm, and LET IT GO!

I know! I know! I’m quoting the most well known, over played song in the universe, but there is a point to this! And considering this song has been running round my head on repeat for the past year (and I literally own the t-shirt), I thought it was about time to write something meaningful about it.

Anyway, I recently realised that I’d been holding on to ‘things’ for years that I should have let go a long time ago. I’m not talking about possessions or trinkets (though I could do with a bit of de-cluttering), I’m talking about fears.

Since childhood, my biggest fear has been disappointment, and a lot of my memories have been clouded with it. It may sound strange, but I realised that I was so afraid of disappointing people, of letting them down, that when anyone met me I would pretend to be something I wasn’t. I was afraid that if people met the real me, I wouldn’t meet their expectations of who they thought ‘Melissa’ the ‘Christian singer-songwriter’ was, or should be.

But now? Well, the fact is I don’t care any more! It’s taken a while, but I have finally learned to let the fear of not being perfect, and of disappointing others, go! Let’s face it, nobody’s perfect but Jesus, and he thought we were worth dying for anyway! How cool is that!?!

So my encouragement to you, next time you hear that song, or see Elsa and Anna advertising their wares in Primark, is to think about what you’re holding on to that’s holding you back from being free-er version of yourself…

…and LET IT GO!



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