Melissa Hubert has always been passionate about music; singing, dancing and playing the piano since childhood. Based in Brighton UK, she comes from a large family with six younger siblings who live in a house filled with life, laughter, visitors and eager conversation of God.  Melissa began writing songs at the age of nineteen after the sudden death of her fourteen year old brother Declan. During this time heaven seemed to touch earth with many visitations, visions and dreams of Declan by relations and friends. Her first song Voice in the Choir was inspired by the extraordinary events surrounding her brother’s death and expresses her unshakable confidence in God who had called Declan to heaven.

More songs quickly followed as her prolific talent developed. Melissa started collaborating with producer Mike Sandeman (long-time Phatfish keyboard player) and over the next six months the Beyond The Frame album was born, receiving critical acclaim and becoming a permanent fixture in many car stereos and iPods! After a break during which she completed her music degree at Sussex University, Melissa has burst back with a fresh set of finely-crafted songs that make up the Jericho album.

With a vocal style that has a classical purity and yet retains a contemporary edge, Melissa is a versatile and rounded performer. The future is exciting for this passionate and talented singer songwriter who has let an ordinary life become extraordinary in the hands of God.